Rock-A My Baby Saga:

I've been an artist all my life. I've always had a true love for fashion
design and within recent years graphic design. To speed ahead I battle
mom and go to college for fashion design instead of social work.
Becoming a city girl working in the fashion industry in NY or CA is where
I just knew I wanted to be. After an arduous adventure through fine
arts, fashion design and fashion marketing, I obtain my bachelors
degree in fashion design. Reluctantly I realize in my heart that I'm a
Southern Belle and the city girl life wasn't for me. Being an artist I never
fit into the office scene, I was always the eccentric one, lol. (FAST
FORWARDING.........           )The greatest gift was bestowed on me in
2006, parenthood. I decided to start my own scene, Rock-A My Baby.

Rock-A My Baby allows me to share my love for design with the world.
Being a parent let's face it, you want a bargain. Kids cost, they outgrow
their clothes blah, blah, blah. But..........this is your shining star. A great
future lies ahead so you want your precious one to stand out. Every
child is unique and has a different way of looking at and interacting with
the world. Rock-A My Baby can assist in that self expression with tons of
trendy, fun onesies, t-shirts and accessories. Whether a princess,
prince, fashionista, trend setter, retrovert, rock n' roller, punkster, wild
child, funny jokester (you get the picture) you'll find something fitting at
Rock-A My Baby!

Rock-A My Baby makes for cool gifts, be the star of a baby shower or
birthday party!
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